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Your Eyelashes are the Perfect Length

Fake Eyelashes May Channel Dust into your Eye

You may think that fake eyelashes are a beauty essential, but that can also damage your eyes.

Eyelashes are not just for show. Although you may not believe it, they are on your eye lids for a reason. According to researchers at Georgia Tech, the ideal eyelash length is one third the width of your eye, and their function is to protect your eyes from water and dust.

It is not just us humans that have eyelashes as a defence against eye infection. Twenty two other animal species have eyelashes which are one third the width of their eyes, and they serve the same purpose.

The study found that eyelashes allowed predators and prey to keep their eyes open when they needed to. It appears that nature has ensured they grow to the perfect length.

Fake Eyelashes Cause Dryness

Although our concept of hunting for food is going to the supermarket and buying it, our eyelashes are still the perfect length for us. They help to keep dust and water out of our eyes. This balance maybe offset if you use fake eyelashes.

Guillermo Amador one of the research team explains why: “As [the eyelashes] get longer you get less evaporation and less deposition.

“But if they get too long they start to channel more airflow towards the eye and that increases the evaporation and increases the deposition of the particles.

“If women use false eyelashes they could actually dry out their eyes a little faster and have to blink more frequently.”

To test eyelashes, the team used a computer fan and wind tunnel which was optimised for the individual animal’s cruising speed, and flight speed if appropriate, and they used an eye-sized dish, timing how long it took water to evaporate.

Curiously, different animals have their eye lashes growing in different directions. This is believed to accommodate their natural habitats. Camel’s for example, angle downwards presumably to protect from sand and sun.

Source: NPR.org

Improving your Vision through Eye Surgery

Although glasses are no doubt sexy on some, they are still an inconvenience. If you wear fake eyelashes and are channelling dust into your eyes, contact lenses could become more uncomfortable. Either way, having your eyesight addressed through surgery will solve both of these issues, and make your eyelashes more noticeable naturally.

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