Why Patients Choose AVC for the Best Cataract Surgery in London

Why patients choose AVC for the best cataract surgery in London…

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Firstly, a little more about the condition:

More About The Surgery

Cataracts is a potentially dangerous eye condition, even leading to blindness when left untreated. It is primarily an age-related condition which causes vision to appear blurred or cloudy and is one of the most common eye disabilities. The cloudiness forms within the lens of the sufferer’s eye, and ultimately they need to be removed for the patients’ vision to be restored.

Some Common Symptoms

There are several tell-tale signs when a person suffers from the condition. Aside from a cloudy or blurred vision, glare from bright lights may be difficult to look at and colours may be severely faded or less distinguished. The condition, however, is not typically painful.

Surgery in London at Advanced Vision Care

With over 75 years of ophthalmic experience, and with world-leading surgeons such as Dr Goran Helgason, Professor Martin Filipec and Dr CT Pillai, Advanced Vision Care are highly experienced and recommended by patients as performing the best cataract surgery in London.

The Treatment Process Through Advanced Vision Care

In a nutshell, the treatment with AVC takes under an hour using the latest techniques, technology and carried out within the most cutting edge clinical facilities available in the UK. It surprises many that the treatment using our cutting edge methods involves absolutely no injections or stitches. A very tiny incision is created within the cornea into which a minute ultrasound probe is inserted. The damaged lens is broken down via high-frequency sound waves which are subsequently vacuumed from the eye. The individually tailored lens is then placed in the eye. There is no scarring and stitches required on account of the incision being so small. The eye effectively self heals.

Claiming The Treatment Costs Through Private Cataract Insurance

Want the leading surgery available today but concerned about the surgery costs? Did you know it is possible to claim the cost of the surgery on insurance?

Advanced Vision Care work with several leading insurance companies including AVIVA, Simply Health, CIGNA and WPA. By booking a consultation via our website our team will be able to discuss the options with you.

Interested in Cutting Edge Cataract Surgery at AVC?

If you would like to find out more about our state-of-the-art surgery at Advanced Vision Care and why patients choose AVC for their treatment, then why not call AVC TODAY on 0800 652 4878 and request your free information pack or book your consultation to find out how we can help you.

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