Why London is the Best Place in the World for LASIK Laser Eye Surgery & Why AVC is the Best Laser Eye Surgery Clinic

London is a beacon in the world for many reasons – tourists flock to the country to enjoy its many vibrant sights and attractions, and the city is the very pulse of the global financial markets. The same is also true for vision correction – for those considering any form of vision treatment, including LASIK laser eye surgery, you cannot find any better city than London, and no better eye clinic than Advanced Vision Care.

And here’s why:

Superb Transport Links Connecting The World With London

No matter where in the world you’re from, it’s easy to reach the centre of London. The city not only possesses the busiest airport in Europe (London Heathrow) but is serviced by many additional airports including Gatwick, Stansted and City. It means whether you’re a Lens Replacement candidate from Canada or a LASIK patient from LA, you can get to London quickly and comfortably for your treatment.

London is also well connected by rail and road. The city offers many rail hubs including Paddington, Kings Cross and Euston and has one of the most efficient underground (tube) networks throughout Europe. In fact, London has a wide network of 270 stations and 11 tube lines efficiently connecting all regions of the city.

Advanced Vision Care’s own clinic is situated on the prestigious Harley Street. The clinic is situated at the very heart of London within a few minutes walking distance of several underground stations including Baker Street, Regents Park, Great Portland Street, Warren Street, Marylebone and Oxford Circus.

Transport for London (TFL) which runs the tube network also operates a world-class bus system offering yet another network of transport options to get you to and from the clinic.

Enjoy The Sights & Attractions Of London While Perfecting Your Vision

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It gives patients’ a unique opportunity to experience the rich culture and ample tourist attractions the city has to offer during their stay to correct their vision. Beyond the ample mezze of superb eateries, bars and shopping opportunities there are many exciting London experiences to absorb including the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge and much more. There is simply no better place in the world to enjoy a holiday while perfecting your vision. Advanced Vision Care is mere minutes from most of these landmarks via tube and a short walk from the shops of Oxford Street.

Harley Street In London – The Highest Global Standards of Medical Excellence

Harley Street is a well-distinguished brand of excellence recognised by most people in the UK – it is THE place to go to for elite and unsurpassed medical treatments, be it vision correction or any other form of surgery. In fact, Harley Street is renowned for having some of the finest medical surgeons available in the world and – Advanced Vision Care have secured the services of three eminent ophthalmic surgeons in Dr CT Pillai, Dr Goran Helgason and Professor Martin Fillipec.

For those seeking truly exceptional vision correction treatment from the most talented surgeons in the world – London, Harley Street and Advanced Vision Care offer precisely that.

There are many more compelling reasons why AVC are not only the best vision correction clinic in London but on Harley Street Street too:

Incomparable, Nationwide Aftercare

Unlike our competition, AVC offers lifetime aftercare built into a fair and transparent price. There is simply no place for cheap marketing gimmicks when it comes to eye surgery, and AVC will be there now and years into the future to ensure your eyesight remains vibrant and healthy following treatment with us. Thanks to our nationwide network of independent optometrists, you can enjoy your treatment at our Harley Street clinic and have your subsequent aftercare near you.

Cutting Edge Clinical Facilities

Recently, AVC was featured in this Daily Express article for having the most advanced Lens Replacement and cataract removal clinic in the country. In fact, the clinic employs a combination of highly advanced ophthalmic equipment for eye mapping and precision surgery that are not available anywhere else in the UK. In addition, Advanced Vision Care is the only clinic in Europe with a state of the art transparent theatre, allowing family and friends to watch a patient’s procedure. The end result? The most accurate vision correction results imaginable.

Emphatically Endorsed By Patients, Peers and Brand Name Insurance Companies

In 2015, AVC achieved yet another landmark moment when a giant medical insurance company, BUPA, endorsed it as a vision correction provider. In fact, a number of leading insurance companies have accepted AVC as a trusted provider of high-quality vision correction. Other insurance companies include WPA, AVIVA and Simply Health – and they join a list of independent GPs, opticians and patients who say when it comes to truly bespoke and high-quality vision correction treatments – Advanced Vision Care is not only a good choice – it’s the only choice.

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