Why Laser Eye Surgery Brings a Freedom to Travel

Everyone loves to go on holiday and travel to exotic destinations to enjoy new sights and experiences but for those who have to wear glasses or contact lenses, the experience can often be very different.

That’s because they have to remember to pack their glasses or contact lenses and then ensure they don’t get lost or become damaged. And once at their destination, there’s a wide range of activities and adventures they cannot participate in: diving, snorkelling and sailing to name just a few.

Even simply going to the beach can be a pain for someone who wears glasses as they have to avoid having sand scratch their lenses or losing them. Swimming in the sea also becomes a headache.

Enjoy your holiday without glasses!

It’s not just in hot climates either that wearing of glasses or contact lenses are a problem.

Skiing becomes a challenge as someone tries to wear glasses with ski goggles. Hiking too can be an issue.

But can you imagine being free of your glasses or contact lenses?

glasses free holiday

One of the biggest advantages of having laser eye surgery is it not only brings perfect vision but allows a patient to take part in activities from which they may have been precluded or proved difficult for those wearing glasses to take part in.

This is one of the issues raised in the positive reviews we get from our patients who go on to tell us that they no longer have to worry about remembering to take their glasses with them and then, if they do, having to ensure they do not become damaged or lost whilst abroad.

In addition, those who need to wear contact lenses will no longer have to do so as they won’t be needing them, or their cleaning solutions, ever again.

Laser eye surgery IS for you

All of these problems and issues can be resolved with laser eye treatment undertaken at Advanced Vision Care, a Harley Street-based clinic that is the best UK provider of vision correction solutions.

In addition, our eye experts at our clinic hear from patients who have been treated who tell them that they no longer suffer from dry eyes on plane flights or on the air-conditioned buses that take them to their hotel. All that’s needed to have a great time on holiday is to have laser eye surgery to correct vision issues and the problem of wearing glasses on holiday becomes a thing of the past.

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