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Why Consider Permanent Contact Lenses? Immaculate New Technology & a Frightful Survey about Eye Diseases for Contact Lens Wearers!

Wearing contact lenses on a day to day basis can be a cumbersome and trudging chore – at best. At worse, it can be a life-changing burden, with many activities and lifestyles becoming either hampered or downright impossible. Just ask anyone who plays contact sports or fancies some underwater diving. So, why consider permanent contact lenses? Surely too risky and painful?

Actually, no.

Read on to see why a combination of stark new research and breakthrough technology at Advanced Vision Care means it could be far safer, easier and liberating to undergo permanent contact lens treatment than continue with your fiddly disposables. Click here to find out more.

99% of Contact Lens Wearers Risk Eye Infections!

If you ever thought having surgery was too risky, consider a recent survey that showed an astonishing 99% of contact lens wearers could potentially suffer from an array of eye infections. Yes, 99%!

eye infections

As Many as 99% of Contact Lens Wearers Potentially Suffer from Eye Infections.

The startling discovery by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention survey reveals that it is the behaviour of people who wear contacts on a regular basis that causes heightened risk in infections. Among the more common forms of these include wearing contact lenses for longer than recommended, incorrect application of solution and wearing contact lenses while asleep. Most of these might sound worryingly familiar to those wearing contact lenses.

A further study into the way contact lenses can detrimentally affect eye health and breed infections determined that out of the 40.9 million Americans aged 18 or over who wore contact lenses, about one third reported red or otherwise painful eyes requiring moderate medical attention.

If you’re fed up of wearing contacts, or indeed glasses, a revolutionary treatment called implantable contact lens might just change your beliefs about how perfect your permanent vision could potentially become.

Click here to find out more about Implantable Contact Lenses.

AVC’s New Alcon Suite Provides Cutting Edge ICL

It gets better too – with the launch of Advanced Vision Care’s new Alcon Suite (recently featured in the Daily Express and several additional online media), surgery has become immeasurably more accurate and safe. In fact, our Alcon Suite is the only clinic in the entire United Kingdom where three of the most sophisticated pieces of refractive equipment are being used under one roof.

The potent trio of refractive surgical equipment include the Centurion Vision System, Luxor LX3 With Q-VUE and the Verion Image Guided System. When used together, these advanced tools facilitate our expert Advanced Vision Care surgeons to construct the most detailed digital imagery of the patient’s eye. Beyond implantable contact lens, these technologies are further used to aid cataract and clear lens exchange treatments.

Click here to find out more about cataract treatment.

Click here to find out more about clear lens exchange.

The Verion Image Guided System is so powerful that our surgeons can then inspect incisions in real time – a great boon to help foster accuracy and all but eliminate errors. The Centurion Vision System is described by gurus within the refractive surgery field as the best phacoemulsification system available anywhere. Finally, the Q-VUE helps provide highly accurate eye visualization during surgery. These truly are the purring Ferrari’s of the refractive surgical equipment niche, and when used by Advanced Vision Care’s world renowned surgeons, the results are bound to be flawless. Just ask our ICL Patients.

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