Which Vision Correction Treatment is Right for You?

The decision to get vision correction treatment is an exciting and empowering one.

When you research carefully and choose a skilled and experienced surgeon to carry out your treatment, it can all be done within half an hour – and you could be enjoying 20/20 vision not long afterwards. Better still, it’s all without the heavy shackles of spectacles, or fiddling about with contact lenses.

However, with so many clinics offering so many treatment types, how can you gauge which treatment might be right for you? Here we pour over the latest and most reliable vision correction treatments available in the world today:

Vision Correction Treatment Range

LASIK – Unquestionably the most popular laser eye treatment available, it is a remarkably powerful treatment that delivers consistently outstanding results while minimising discomfort and recovery time. However, it’s worth remembering that any laser eye surgery is only as good as the surgeon and clinic that performs it. Advanced Vision Care is a surgeon led clinic, and Dr CT Pillai (Founder and Medical Director) has a reputation as being one of the leading laser eye surgeons in the world.

LASEK – is an alternative type of laser eye surgery. A skilled laser eye surgeon may suggest LASEK treatment in the event that the patient has thin corneas, or where there is concern about the amount of corneal tissue left after laser eye treatment.

Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL) – Some patients are simply unsuitable for any type of laser eye surgery. This could be for a myriad of reasons such as out of range prescriptions or irregular corneas. ICL treatment can be an excellent permanent corrective solution for such patients.

Lens Replacement – A treatment ordinarily reserved for people aged over 45, Lens Replacement is able to treat both near and distance vision. One of the added benefits of Lens Replacement is that patients with early cataract diagnosis (or who as yet do not have the condition) can eliminate the risk of developing the condition in their lifetime.

Cataract Treatment – It’s estimated that a gargantuan ten million people suffer from cataract, a condition brought on by the hardening of the optical lens. Some of the symptoms of cataract include blurred or cloudy vision, loss in visual clarity and colour, and general difficulty with everyday vision including reading or watching TV.

Cross-Linking and INTACS – These non-laser eye treatments are effective, safe and painless options specifically for patients with the condition known as Keratoconus.

Piggy-Back Intraocular Lens Exchange – Certain types of patients may benefit from this groundbreaking eye treatment, especially those with complex prescriptions or corneal abnormalities.

As you might expect, part of the mandate of the experienced eye surgeon is to identify a patient’s symptoms and suggest the most appropriate treatment. Ultimately, the success of any vision correction treatment will be determined by the ability of the performing surgeon. Perhaps it’s why thousands of patients have trusted Advanced Vision Care and our world-renowned surgeons with their most important asset – their eyesight.

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