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What to Ask Any Clinic Before Booking Cataract or Lens Replacement Surgery

The decision to have private cataract treatment or Lens Replacement surgery can be a life altering one – but it’s also one that should be taken only after a great deal of thought and research. People often wonder: What to ask any clinic before booking Cataract or Lens Replacement surgery.

Advanced Vision Care have recently emerged as the leading cataract treatment & Lens Replacement surgery clinic in the country, following our launch of the new high-tech Alcon Suite. Because we carry out the most advanced treatments available in the world, we know the right questions that you should ask before booking any treatment.

What to ask any clinic before booking Cataract or Lens Replacement surgery

We have shared some of the most important of these questions below:

How experienced is the Lens Replacement / Cataract eye surgeon performing your orocedure?

laser eye surgeons

The results for any type of surgery will largely be determined by the skill and experience of your operating surgeon. This may seem like common sense, but a lot of patients do not even know how experienced (or, more dangerously, inexperienced) their surgeon is prior to booking surgery.

Advanced Vision Care offer two of the finest refractive surgeons to be found anywhere in the world in Dr Fillipec and Dr Helgason. Both are highly esteemed in their professions, and have conducted thousands of highly successful procedures between them.

When it comes to your eyes, don’t take risks with the surgeon you choose to carry out your procedure.

What technology & procedures will be used to conduct your Cataract removal or Lens Replacement?

Even the best surgeons cannot be at their optimum using out-dated techniques and equipment. The reality is, the ophthalmic surgery field advances at breakneck speed, and to obtain the best possible results conducted in the most pain-free way it is crucial to use the best technology.

Another reality you should be aware of is the vast difference in technology that may be utilised by different clinics offering the same procedures.

Advanced Vision Care recently became the leading clinic for cataract surgery and clear lens exchange treatments. As touched upon above, the new Alcon Suite is the only place in the country where three of the most sophisticated cataract & lens exchange surgical tools are available for use in one place. These include the Verion Image Guided System, the Centurion Vision System and the Luxor LX3 with Q-VUE. This collusion of technology allows Dr Fillipec and Dr Helgason to offer cataract and lens exchange treatments that are far more intricate and accurate which also aid reduced healing times.

What type of lens will be used for cataract or lens exchange treatment & is the clinic independent?

Another key consideration is the actual lens to be used in your procedure. Not only is it important to use the most advanced multifocal and trifocal lenses, but it is also important to go with a clinic that does not have an affiliation with only one specific lens manufacturer.

Advanced Vision Care are a completely independent vision correction clinic. This means no tie-up with any one lens manufacturer, allowing our surgeons to fit the perfect bespoke lens for your individual requirements.

It is also most important the surgeons have years of experience in doing multifocal/ trifocal lenses and AVC surgeons have been doing this for the last 15 years and have performed thousands of these procedures.

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