What Results Can You Expect Following Successful LASIK Laser Eye Surgery?

The decision to go ahead with LASIK eye surgery is an incredibly important one. In a recent blog post, we touched upon why LASIK Advanced Wavefront is simply the best vision correction treatment in the world.

Today, we explore what LASIK laser eye surgery results and effects a patient can expect following surgery, both in terms of visual quality and lifestyle. Advancements in the laser process and technology mean the best laser eye clinics are able to provide highly accurate results while minimising potential risks.

What Happens To Your Vision Immediately After Laser Eye Treatment?

For the most part, patients tend to experience almost instantaneous improvements in the quality of vision following their treatment. However, it is not uncommon for some patients to need a little longer to start seeing improvements in vision quality.

lasik laser eye surgery results

LASIK Patient Receiving Results

Many patients’ experience a fogginess of vision during the first day following treatment and some will have a mild itchy sensation in their eyes. Typically, this sensation lasts only a few hours and is akin to getting soapy water in the eyes.

What Additional Measures Are Required Following LASIK Eye Surgery

Typically, the patient will need to wear lenses to protect their eyes from dust particles or other potential contact risks until their first post-operative check, which is usually 1 or 2 days after treatment. Protective eyewear is also provided to prevent patients from touching or rubbing their eyes whilst sleeping and can also be used if a patient works in a dusty environment as it is important to protect the eyes during this important healing period.

Usually, there is little to no pain following treatment, so no pain killers are typically prescribed – however, it is common for clinics to provide antibiotic eye drops to aid with comfort, healing and to prevent infection.

What Issues Can Patients Face in the Weeks Following Laser Eye Surgery?

As the days roll into weeks, patients will notice consistently improved vision, although there may be some occasional fluctuations experienced with the quality of vision. The eyes by this stage have begun the long term healing process, however, patients may experience dry eye syndrome up to 3 months following treatment. Use of artificial tear drops will help prevent and treat dry eye should it occur.

Lifestyle Improvements After the Healing Process

The potential rewards reaped by laser eye surgery patients far outweigh the minimal discomforts faced immediately after treatment. Perhaps the one most commonly cited lifestyle improvement is freedom from the hassle of contact lenses or glasses.

Imagine being able to flick through your iPad or newspaper without squinting through clunky glasses or fiddly contact lenses. Imagine being able to drive and see road signs with impeccable vibrancy. Or, simply to be able to relax at home with your favourite TV show and enjoy that superb HD clarity in a way that your glasses just cannot do justice.

For those with more active lifestyles, the potential payoffs are enormous. Enjoy swimming? It can be a real pain having to use contact lenses or special prescription goggles. Many athletes and even those who play contact sports can benefit from laser eye surgery.

eyesite improvements

Enjoy an Uninhibited Active Lifestyle Free of Glasses & Contact Lenses Following LASIK

Of course, don’t just take our word for it – the patient reviews and testimonials section of our website is awash with real-life stories on how our sophisticated laser eye surgery treatments have changed real people’s lives.

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As we touched upon in a recent blog post, to achieve the best results and avoid complications it is important to seek out the best laser eye surgeon and clinic to carry out your LASIK eye surgery procedure.

The video below shows you more about how the LASIK procedure works:

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At Advanced Vision Care, we not only have world-renowned surgeons but also offer the most sophisticated technology to ensure our patients can achieve truly unrivalled vision correction results. For more information on how we can help you, call our knowledgeable customer care advisors on 020 7935 7497 or email us on info@advancedvisioncare.co.uk. Or why not book your consultation today…

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