What if I’m afraid of undergoing laser eye surgery?

First of all, feeling nervous and afraid before any kind of medical procedure is perfectly normal. Even scheduled and routine visits to the dentist where we know what to expect can lead to fear and anxiety.

What’s important is to keep reminding yourself that – unlike the dentist – there is no injection, no stitches and just a few anaesthetic eyes drops that completely numb the eye and guarantee that the procedure is 100% pain-free.

By this time…

You’ve done your homework, had an in-depth consultation and made an independent background check to establish the credentials of AVC’s surgeons. As leaders in the field of eye surgery, and medical practitioners who have been performing laser, and non laser eye surgeries for well over 10 years, you can rest assured that they would never risk the health of your eyes – or indeed  reputations which they’ve dedicated their professional careers to building –  on a surgery that had any adverse risks.


“I am really impressed with the service I received from Advance Vision Care. I was nervous about the whole concept of letting a laser near my eye, but now I am so happy that I have had it done. After 15 years of glasses, it really is life changing!
If you are not sure about lasers near your eye I urge to just to go along for an initial consultation…You even get to meet Mr Pillai and get to see where the treatment happens.

This helped me relax on treatment day as I knew the surroundings and the team were really good at talking you through the surgery letting you know what is the next steps. It is really surprising how quick and pain free the treatment is (30 sec per eye, and less than 5 mins in total!)

There’s a reason why so many people have awarded this clinic 5 stars and it’s because they really are better than the other clinics.  I wouldn’t suggest that you scrimp on your eyes and I strongly recommend laser treatment at Advance Vision Care – it’s amazing!’’ Derek Jennings, 7th June 2011

Calming yourself down

You can be given a mild sedative before the surgery, which will help to calm down your nerves
Some people who had suffered from panic attacks felt nervous that they might have an attack during the procedure. They were given stress balls to squeeze and were surprised by how quickly it was all over.

The first question patients ask after their surgery

Patients can expect to see immediate results and noticeable improvements with their vision as soon as a day after their surgery, which leaves them asking ‘Why did I wait so long?’

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