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Umit Shah Biography

Umit Shah is the link that holds all the pieces of AVC together. As our Patient Care Manager, Umit is responsible for the five star experience that 100% of our patients report receiving whilst having treatment at our clinic. Once an aspiring police officer, Umit turned to ophthalmic care after completing his studies, working at big names such as Optical Express and Boots. For the past three and a half years, Umit has worked tirelessly to perfect the customer experience at AVC, and as a born and bred Londoner is effortlessly familiar with the pressures and priorities of the customers that he deals with.

Outside of work, Umit enjoys relaxing with his favourite TV programmes, being a big fan himself of the classic hit comedy ‘Only Fools and Horses’. He enjoys close relationships with his family and friends, and often takes pleasure in a quiet night in watching high drama movies such as 2012. His down to earth tastes extend to his favourite snack too, being an avid fan of Nutella sandwiches, and he has learned many life lessons from his top literary indulgence, Animal Farm. There is another side to our Patient Care Manager though, as he delights in the thought of spending more time in his favourite city, Mombasa.

Umit’s simple and stress free lifestyle and attitude have made him the ideal Patient Care Manager. With a happy, ‘can do’ attitude, Umit can never do enough to make our patients feel comfortable and confident in our services, and with his help we hope to continue delivering our five star service to our patients for many years to come.

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