Ubisoft to Release Tablet Game to Treat Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

Technology Helping Us to See Clearer

Amblyopia, or ‘Lazy Eye’, affects one in fifty children in the UK. The condition leads to one eye is stronger than the other, normally due to the weaker eye not allowing enough light to pass through to the retina.

Normal treatment is to correct the cause of the problem though wearing spectacles, and then to cover the stronger eye to force the sufferer to use their weaker eye to make it stronger.

In a way, this is the basis of Dig Rush, the tablet game under development by Ubisoft, designed to help treat Amblyopia. It is based loosely on the game Tetris and uses glasses with red and blue lenses, like old fashioned 3D glasses.

Researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, discovered that by showing the graphics in red, and then other graphics in blue with varying levels of contrast, forced players to use both their stronger and weaker eyes to progress.

Joseph Koziak of Amblyotech, the company which purchased the research and licensed it to Ubisoft, said results were positive:

“Current treatments options, such as eye patching, provide limited relief and have poor patient compliance due to discomfort and social stigmas.”

According to Ubisoft, doctors will be able to adjust settings on the tablet to treat varying conditions of amblyopia.

Technology Helping us See

This is not the first time technology is being used to treat eye conditions. At AVC, we use state of the art technology to perform laser and non-laser eye surgery. Technology has allowed us to create three-dimensional maps of your eyes, enabling us to accurately treat eye conditions using state of the art lasers, while eye tracking technology ensures the lasers are used with micro precision. Our machines can track your eye up to 250 times per second.

Lasers again have allowed us to make microscopic incisions to your eye to help treat long and short-sightedness. IntraLase lasers have now completely replaced microkeratome blades. The introduction of this laser has greatly improved healing time and reduced the risk of complication.

Technology at AVC

When we introduce new technology at AVC, it undergoes rigorous vetting procedures to ensure that you are receiving the very best eye care treatment on the market. The capability of the technology has to be up to the mark. You deserve no less.

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