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Top tips for looking after your eyesight

A decline in our vision is something that happens to most of us as we get older – it’s a fact of ageing for most people. However, it definitely pays to do whatever we can to look after our eyesight so we don’t unnecessarily increase the risk of experiencing problems later on. With this in mind, read on for some top tips on looking after your eyesight.

Regular eyesight tests

We all know how important it is to get our eyes checked regularly by an optician, but many people leave it too long between appointments or fail to go and get things checked out when they notice something wrong. Most people should visit their optician once every two years, although some people might be advised to go more regularly. Not only do eyesight checks study your vision, they also look at the health of your eyes, so they’re definitely an important part of caring for your eyes.

Healthy lifestyle

It can seem like the advice for everything these days is to live a healthy lifestyle, but it’s common advice for a good reason. Research suggests that taking part in exercise can limit the risk of sight loss that can occur in people who have conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Eating healthily and drinking only in moderation can also help improve your general health, which is certainly no bad thing for your eyes. People who are obese can also have an increased risk of macular degeneration and, if you have a high BMI, this can affect your arteries – which can lead to other conditions that affect your eyesight such as glaucoma and diabetes. This helps to show just how important a healthy lifestyle is for your eyesight. Also, people who smoke are more likely to suffer from eye conditions such as cataracts, which could lead to them needing cataract eye surgery in the future, so staying away from the nicotine is wise.

Sun protection

We all know it’s hard to see when we’re out in the sun and we often end up squinting. Making sure you take care of your eyes while you’re out in sunlight is vital; too much exposure could increase your risk of developing cataracts and looking at the sun directly can even make you go blind. Hats and sunglasses that shelter your eyes are really important. Make sure you go for good quality sunglasses with UV protection to offer your eyes as much protection from the light as possible.

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