Top 5 Reasons for Getting Non-Laser Eye Surgery

Although eye surgery is mostly associated with the use of lasers, eye surgery can take other forms as well. This surgery has been adopted by patients who have specific conditions, or where they are unsuitable for laser eye surgery. Here we discuss the reasons patients have for opting for non-laser eye surgery.


Currently, the only way to reverse a cataract condition is to replace your affected eye lens. This is done by shattering the cataract-ridden eye lens using sound waves, vacuuming the pieces and inserting a replacement lens. This restores your vision to how it was prior to cataracts taking hold.


Keratoconus is a debilitating eye condition which affects one in two thousand people. If Keratoconus starts to affect one of your eyes, your cornea will become progressively thin and stretched. This causes your cornea, which is naturally round, to distort and bulge. There are two ways to address the issue:

  1. A cornea transplant. This involves replacing the misshapen cornea with a donated one. Although effective, the same problems of waiting for a suitable donor and rejection issues are present, the same as with any donated organs.
  2. Cross-Linking and INTACS treatment. This involves strengthening your present cornea using riboflavin drops and exposing your cornea to UVA light for half an hour. Following this, INTACS are inserted into your eye to further flatten your cornea and restore your vision. This treatment has been shown to slow and, in some cases, stop the progression of Keratoconus.

Extreme Astigmatisms – Complex Eye Prescription

If you are a sufferer of extremely long and short-sightedness, you may be ineligible for laser eye treatment. All is not lost, however, as you may be suitable for Piggyback Intraocular Lens Exchange treatment.

The Piggyback name comes from the fact that the procedure involves inserting two eye lenses to correct both aspects of your vision. The lenses sit either side of the human lens capsule and correct both your short and long sightedness.

Restoring Youth

Eyes, like the rest of us, deteriorate over time. This is why although we had great vision in our 20s, by the time we get 45+ we find ourselves requiring glasses. Glasses are an inconvenience and there is a better solution: the Clear Lens Exchange treatment.

Here, your older, aged lens is replaced with an artificial one. This restores your vision to yesteryear, eliminating the need for glasses and it eliminates the risk of cataracts altogether.

Implantable contact lenses – Add prescription range

Implantable Contact Lens treatment is often used as an alternative to laser eye surgery should you be unsuitable for it due to either the thickness of your cornea or you suffer from extreme astigmatisms. The implantable lens is inserted in front of your eye lens. This bends the light rays to meet on your retina as they should do, correcting your vision.

Recently, due to developments in the technology in the form of Visian ICL, sportsmen and people with active professions such as soldiers have elected to have implantable contact lenses over laser surgery. The success of Visian ICL is such that the American armed forces recommend it for their troops who require spectacles and conventional contacts to see.

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