Milestones in the History of AVC


Milestones in the History of AVC

August, 1997

Dr Pillai performed one of the first bilateral (both eyes) laser eye surgeries in the UK.

August, 2003

Harley Street Consultation

Dr Pillai founded and opened the clinic with aim to provide patients outstanding care and results in the refractive the industry.

August, 2003

The Bausch & Lomb excimer laser is installed (first generation Technolas).

August, 2003

The first Lasik procedure is performed at AVC’s in house laser eye surgery theatre.

September, 2003

The first Lasek procedure is performed at AVC in-house laser eye surgery theatre.

November, 2003

AVC’s nationwide optometrist co-management network is established.

September, 2006

The Bausch & Lomb excimer laser is upgraded.

June, 2007

The first Cross-Linking procedure is performed for a patient with Keratoconus.

September, 2007

The non-laser surgical team are chosen (Dr Goran Helgason and Prof Martin Filipec) and join AVC’s exclusive surgical team.

June, 2008

The Bausch & Lomb excimer laser is upgraded (second upgrade).

June, 2008

The first Lens Replacement procedure is performed.

August, 2008

The first Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) procedure is performed.

September, 2008

The first Cataract procedure is performed.

August, 2010

The AMO Intralase laser is installed.

August, 2010

AVC was the first clinic in UK to implant first hyperopia (long sighted) lens for Evo Visian Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) Treatment. Read the article.

December, 2010

The first INTACS/Kerarings procedure for a patient with Keratoconus is performed.

March, 2011

The Bausch & Lomb’s second generation Technolas 2 excimer laser is installed.

July, 2011

AVC performed Implantable Contact Lens surgery for a patient with Keratoconus to correct the remaining prescription after the disease had halted.

March, 2013

The first Piggy back lens procedure is performed, implanting a Trifocal lens.

September, 2013

AVC was the first in the country to treat a very high myope (-23D) using Evo Visian ICL.
Read the Case Study

January, 2015

The first Kerasoft lens fitting for a patient with Keratoconus is performed.

June, 2015

The clinic expands to the first floor of the building, creating a relaxing assessment suite and dedicated the ground floor to the laser and non-laser surgical theatres. AVC becomes the first clinic on Harley Street to have both laser and non-laser theatres in house.

June, 2015

The non-laser surgical theatre is built, AVC is the first clinic in the UK to have the full Alcon Refractive Suite for non-laser procedures (Cataracts, Lens Replacement and ICL).

June, 2015

The first Piggy back lens procedure is performed for a patient with Keratoconus.

June, 2017

The Bausch & Lomb’s third generation excimer laser is installed. AVC is the first clinic in the country to have the latest and fastest treating laser in the world; the Technolas Teneo 317 M2.

"They [AVC] could not have been more helpful. As we know, this isn’t always the case with after-sales care but Dr Pillai’s team were very welcoming and he explained how a tiny adjustment was needed via a further operation, which he promptly carried out at no cost. His approach, and the professionalism of all his team at Advanced Vision Care, is absolutely first class, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him. He is certainly a man of his word."


Rowland C

"Very reassuring, lots of opportunities to ask questions, and all staff friendly and professional."


Frances R

"Amazing service ! I had lasik treatment and I have 20/20 vision I wish I had done it a long time ago the staff are Professional and the follow up after surgery was second to none I would recommend this company to everybody I know."


Lisa W

"I am very pleased with receiving my vision to see things clearly. For example, to distinguish different Colours and Driving at nights without Glasses. Thank You."


Hardat P

"The care given was absolutely fabulous from start to finish. Staff were caring, patient and reassuring. I would recommend AVC to anyone considering this procedure."



"I am extremely happy with the results of my treatment and would have no reservations in recommending AVC to anyone."


Patricia G

"My partner had laser eye surgery and the results were amazing. The staff were very attentive and put him at ease. I would recommend them to anyone thinking about the treatment. It only took minutes for the treatment!"


Paulina U

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