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Thinking of getting laser eye surgery? Why not blog about your experiences?

There’s little doubt that laser eye surgery is an utterly life changing experience. Making the change from somebody who has to wear glasses from day to day or worry about stocking contact lenses, to someone who is free from all concerns with 20/20 vision is an incredible journey.  For those of you who have already experienced the incredible benefits laser eye surgery has to offer, you probably can’t wait to share the news with friends and relatives. But why not go one step further and keep a record of the entire experience?

There’s a great deal of interest in laser eye surgery treatment at the moment and with good reason.  At Advanced Vision Care we attract clients from all walks of life who are not only thrilled with the results of the surgery, but are amazed at how smooth the transitional phase is.  To tell that story from start to finish in the form of an online blog or diary would garner a lot of interest from people who are considering laser eye surgery, and you could be the person to tell that story. Not only will you enjoy some much deserved interest and respect in what you’re trying to share, but you’ll no doubt attract people who have questions and are in need of advice themselves.  Laser eye surgery, although completely safe and effective, is still a relatively new procedure and the details and obvious benefits can still elude people. To share your experiences with them would be a wonderful gesture and a great way for you to celebrate and talk about your new life.

Keeping a journal can do far more than answer people’s questions and garner intrigue however; it can serve as a useful tool for yourself too.  Keeping track of such a life changing experience will enable you look back fondly on it and offer support to any relatives or friends who may be considering the same procedure. A diary or journal will also help you organise your thoughts before the surgery, helping you to formulate any questions you might have for your surgeon or the staff at the clinic, and afterwards, when all is completed and you have fully recovered, what a great thing to share with them and for them to share with the world.

If you are starting or have a blog on your laser eye surgery experience why not share the details with us – e mail us  at customercare@advancedvisioncare.co.uk

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