The True Cost of Spectacles and Contact Lenses

When it comes to making payment for laser eye surgery, many people will think short-term and make a decision that it will be more cost-effective to continue with their spectacles and contact lenses.

Interestingly, even though it may seem that a couple of hundred pounds handed over to your optician each year won’t add up to much, the real truth is the cost of glasses and contact lenses often far exceeds that of laser eye surgery.

True Cost of Spectacles and Contact Lenses

save money with laser eye surgeryIt’s often hard to imagine, but over the next decade many people who would be suitable for laser eye surgery will spend around £3000 – £5000 updating their spectacles and contact lens prescriptions, not to mention the costs involved in examinations and follow up visits.

Over a patient’s lifetime that cost can mushroom to be five, six, even seven times more!

On the other side, the affordability of laser vision surgery has greatly improved as the surgery has become more commonplace and as the technology has advanced bringing down the cost. With the reduced cost, many patients find that their laser eye treatment will pay for itself in a few short years, and at Advanced Vision Care we also offer financing to help you spread the cost.

Save Yourself £20K+

Comparative studies have shown that a person who wears glasses or contact lenses in his or her 20s could spend as much as £20000 on glasses or contact lenses in his or her life. The cost for our advanced wavefront LASIK is only £1995 per eye – a one-time fee that could prevent most of that money from being spent unnecessarily.

Think About Lifestyle Quality

Everyone who wears spectacles or contact lenses knows the limitations it can bring. In some cases, simply waking up in the morning without glasses or contact lenses to hand can prove to be a challenging experience. Not to mention the unappealing chore of eye hygiene and contact lens storage.

How different would your life be if you could forgo all that without ever having to stop to think about glasses or contact lenses?

That’s what laser eye surgery provides. 99% of Advanced Vision Care’s patients achieve 20/20 vision or better. Patients who have spent a lifetime wearing glasses or contact wearers can simply roll out of bed in the morning without stumbling in the dark to find their glasses. Sports participants can jump right into the game without swapping glasses for bulky sports prescription eyewear.

Think about this scenario: have you ever travelled somewhere, arrived and then found you have forgotten your contact lens supplies? It’s a hassle most would never want to repeat.

The Advantages of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser surgery gives people the opportunity to relieve themselves of the burdens of contact lenses and glasses wear. No more spectacle frames sliding down your nose when you’re out for a stroll on a hot day. No more emergency optician visits when you break or lose your glasses. Tired eyes and eye strain can become distant memories.

Laser Surgery unburdens you from the financial cost and limits of spectacle/contact lens wear, restoring a quality of life that you can enjoy.

Interested in Laser Eye Treatment?

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