The Long Term Effects of LASIK Eye Surgery

Experts Declare LASIK Eye Surgery Safe

LASIK eye surgery is a vision correction procedure which has been treating people for long and short-sightedness for almost two decades. It involves reshaping the cornea using computer-guided lasers. Despite improvements over time to the technology and the technique, the first recipients of LASIK eye surgery in the 1990s are still seeing with clarity.

lasik eye surgery

In an interview with Fox News, Dr Marc Werner, an ophthalmologist at the Stahl Eye Center, based in New York said:

“LASIK is an FDA-approved procedure… if there were long-term issues with the procedure; the FDA would pull the procedure off the market, right? And that is absolutely not the case.

We still have lots of people we started on 18 to 19 years ago who are perfect. It’s still a very good procedure with long-term results.”

In 2008, Spanish researchers undertook a Lasik long term study of 70 patients who had received LASIK surgery in the last ten years. Their findings showed that the patients’ corneas were largely healthy and vision remained good – the risks and side effects were minimal. This study underlining how safe Lasik surgery is was highlighted in an article published on

Correcting Myopia

correcting myopiaShort or nearsightedness is often corrected using LASIK eye surgery. Most of the 18 million LASIK surgeries performed are to correct short-sightedness or myopia as it is known in medical circles.

As time has passed, severe short-sightedness is more likely to be treated using a Lens Replacement treatment or an implantable contact lens (Visian ICL) rather than LASIK. This is not due to safety reasons. It is simply that replacing a natural lens with an intraocular lens, or adding a new lens implant, has become very effective at correcting severe short-sightedness.

The Spanish study showed that patients treated for severe short-sighted vision in the mid to late 1990s have nothing to fear. Dr Alio, one of the co-authors of the report, said:

“This study has allowed us to demonstrate that, in spite of the prejudices about the limits of LASIK, the results regarding predictability, efficacy and safety for highly myopic patients are very good in the long term.”

So if you had LASIK surgery in the early days, there is a high chance that you will still be reading and enjoying your life now and in the future as you were at the turn of the century.

Improvements to LASIK Eye Surgery

Dr Werner pointed out that improvements in the procedure had also resulted in better vision for most patients. During LASIK, a flap is created in your eye using a laser. When the procedure was first introduced, a small blade would be used to make this flap. Switching to the laser has made the flapless prone to complications.

LASIK and Cataracts

Studies also show that there is no link between the development of the disease and LASIK eye surgery. Dr Werner said: “With or without LASIK, we all develop [cataracts]… and their occurrence is unrelated to LASIK.”

For more information on the disease click here.

Despite the reshaping of our corneas, ageing is something that LASIK cannot defeat. For everything else, however, LASIK is a good choice to help you see better.

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