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The Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

Maybe you have been wearing glasses for many years or even nearly all your adult life, but when it comes to laser eye surgery it really makes very little difference. Regardless if you want better vision for occupational or cosmetic reasons, having eye surgery to correct your vision is suitable for most people.

The procedure itself is fast and pain free, as you operated under anaesthetic eye drops which help numb your eye. If you look at how much you might have spent on spectacles and contact lenses over the past years and how often you wear them, compared to laser eye surgery, it would seem that that the procedure is a very attractive idea.

Some of the benefits and advantages can be,

  • Freedom from contacts and glasses
  • Improved confidence
  • Better sport’s performance
  • No hassles with contact lenses drying out or spectacles falling down
  • Improved career opportunities
  • Better all round vision
  • No contact lens irritation or steamed up glasses
  • Compared to regular eye exams, contact lens and spectacle replacements laser eye surgery can be less costly in the long run

These are just a few of the benefits to undergoing laser eye surgery. Numerous people find that their improved eyesight appears quickly following the procedure and their confidence, and self-esteem improves they can also have better opportunities in their career. Many patients after laser eye surgery take up new sports and hobbies they might have felt would have been unsuitable if they were wearing spectacles or contact lenses. It is not uncommon that patients after laser eye surgery experience better vision than they might have ever had, even with corrective lenses.

If you might be worried that laser eye surgery may not be suitable for your eye prescription don’t be. The procedure is advocated for all major types of eyesight problems, including short sight, long sight, astigmatism and even age related presbyopia. Each of these eye conditions is correctable with laser eye surgery procedures. Short sightedness is corrected by reducing the corneal curvature to help you see object that are far away. Hyperopia or long sightedness can be reduced by enhancing the curvature of the cornea.

by CT Pillai

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