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The Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery has helped millions of people with vision problems around the world see better and clearer. Many have achieved 20/20 vision and can perform everyday tasks without glasses or contact lenses. Even though there have been complications for a very small number of patients, it is a tiny percentage and often many of these complications can be easily addressed after surgery.


The National Institute of Clinical Excellence, (NICE) declared laser eye surgery safe for use and has recommended it as a treatment on the NHS. As guidance for the public, NICE released a document showing that for some forms of laser eye surgery complication rates were as low as 2%.


It’s only natural to be wary of surgery, particularly if it’s not a subject you’re not familiar with. However, if you are suitable there several reasons to consider Laser eye surgery, including:


Freedom of vision

Possibly the best reason of all to consider Laser eye surgery is that it’ll give you a new freedom in life without visual aids. If you’ve been wearing glasses or contact lenses for years, you might not realise just how much of a relief it is to be free of them until you don’t need them anymore. Imagine waking up and actually being able to see without having to reach for your glasses, or put your contact lenses in. No more having to remember to clean your contacts or finding your misplaced glasses. You just wake up and go! Although these may seem like small details, they have a huge impact on your everyday life, with every one of our patients saying the same thing “I wish I’d done it sooner”.


It can also be hugely beneficial if you lead an active lifestyle and enjoy sports. Glasses and contact lenses aren’t that conducive to activities such as running, physical sports, swimming or water sports. Permanent vision correction will mean you can play sports without worrying about losing a contact lens or breaking your glasses, and there is no need to buy specialist equipment like prescription goggles.


Travelling automatically becomes easier for former contact lens wearers with no more dry eyes from the air conditioning in planes and no need to remember to pack the right number of lenses for the days you will be travelling either.


Save on prescriptions

It is important to note that your eyesight will continue to change throughout your life due to the natural ageing process and when you are over the age of 40 you are likely to develop a reading prescription, known as presbyopia. This cannot be prevented, however having Laser eye surgery can help you save money on your future distance prescriptions. After all, you won’t need to wear glasses or contact lenses after treatment for your distance vision, so you won’t need to buy any new ones – meaning that Laser eye surgery can effectively pay for itself over time.



People that do not go to their opticians regularly or order their glasses or contact lenses from the internet are likely to be wearing visual aids with the wrong prescription, which can cause headaches and discomfort. One of the things that people who wear glasses or contact lenses can agree on is knowing just how uncomfortable they can be. All it takes is a bit of dust in your eye whilst wearing your contact lenses or a slight knock to your glasses, and you could have uncomfortable eyes or vision for the rest of the day. Once your eyes have completely healed from Laser eye surgery, issues like these will no longer be a problem. Plus, you won’t have to worry about smudgy glasses anymore, which is definitely a benefit.


Extended wear of glasses and contact lenses can often cause discomfort. Contact lenses can cause redness, dry itchy feeling and eventually you can develop dry eye syndrome. Glasses can feel heavy across the bridge of your nose, leaving unsightly dents and if you have small fashionable frames, these can limit your area of vision.


Further benefits include:

  • Improved confidence,
  • Better sport’s performance,
  • No hassles with contact lenses drying out or spectacles falling,
  • Improved career opportunities,
  • Better all-around vision – 99% of our laser eye surgery patients achieve 20:20 or better
  • No contact lens irritation or steamed up glasses,
  • Compared to regular eye exams, contact lens and spectacle replacements; laser eye surgery can be less costly in the long run.


These are just a few of the benefits of undergoing laser surgery. All patients are amazed at how quickly their eyesight is improves after the procedure and without the use of visual aids their confidence and self-esteem also improve. Many patients say how these benefits have led them to have better opportunities in their careers. Often after laser eye surgery patients take up new sports and hobbies which they previously wouldn’t have dared to due to the inconvenience of their spectacles or contact lenses.


If you are worried that laser eye surgery may not be suitable for your prescription don’t be. The procedure is advocated for all major types of eyesight problems, including short sight, long sight, astigmatism and age-related presbyopia. Each of these eye conditions are correctable with laser treatment procedures. Short sight is corrected by reducing the corneal curvature to help you see the object that is far away. Hyperopia or long sight can be reduced by enhancing the curvature of the cornea. Often patients that have laser surgery experience better vision than they might have ever had, even with corrective lenses.


Interested in Laser Eye Surgery?

If you are still not sure if Laser eye surgery is right for you, contact our dedicated expert team who will answer all your questions and guide you through the process. To find out what AVC can do for your eyesight call on 0800 652 4878.


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