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The Surgeon Consultation & How To Prepare For Your LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

The surgeon consultation process is an important step to ensuring that you are suitable for laser eye surgery, and that the surgery can be conducted accurately without complications or delay.

At Advanced Vision Care, you can enjoy the unique experience of meeting our LASIK surgeon, Dr CT Pillai, during the consultation. This means you can get the best possible idea about the LASIK process including accurate answers to any questions and concerns that you may have about the procedure. In most other laser eye surgery clinics you only meet a junior staff member for your consultation, and you usually only meet the performing surgeon on the actual day of your surgery.

The LASIK Surgeon Consultation Process

During the surgeon consultation, your optical prescription and your vision will be examined in detail. Our surgeon will be looking to assess your compatibility for the LASIK procedure, and check your eye health in general. While most people are found to be suitable for LASIK, some people may not qualify should their prescription fall outside the acceptable range. Your eyes will also be carefully examined to ensure the cornea is healthy, and not too steep or thin for the procedure.

The thickness of your cornea will be assessed to ensure there is sufficient corneal tissue to proceed with the LASIK treatment. In the unlikely event that you’re found unsuitable for LASIK, our surgeon may recommend an alternative treatment such as LASEK which can deliver the same impeccable results or a non-laser procedure such as Implantable Contact Lens or Lens Replacement.

What To Expect – LASIK Results

At your consultation, our experienced surgeon will walk you through your vision correction options based on your prescription and eye health. At this time, you will also be able to understand what results to expect from your LASIK procedure and how long it will take to achieve them.

Preparing For Your LASIK Surgery

Shortly before your LASIK procedure, an experienced member from our customer care team will get in touch and inform you on how best to prepare for your treatment. Here are some basic guidelines that will help you get ready for LASIK immediately before and on the day of the procedure:

Stop wearing contact lenses. Two weeks prior to treatment, you should cease wearing contact lenses. This will help ensure your cornea is stable at the time of surgery. The same applies to all types of lenses. However, if hard or rigid lenses are worn you may be advised to swap to soft lenses until the date of your surgery.

– Have a friend drive you to the clinic. While LASIK results are practically instantaneous, it is best to book a taxi or have a friend drive you to and from our eye clinic until your first post-operative check. After this first check up, our surgeon will be able to confirm you are safe to drive.

– Keep your eyes and the surrounding area clean and natural. Ensure you do not use any make-up or products including mascara, gels, perfumes, face creams or eyeliners.

Alert our surgeon about any medications you take. Usually, you can continue with any medication you have unless our surgeon mentions otherwise.

To learn more about LASIK and to see if the procedure may be suitable for you to restore your vision to perfection, please call our customer care advisors on 0207 935 7497 or why no book your consultation today.

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