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Advanced Vision Care’s Optometrist network is continually expanding and we are proud to announce the incorporation of Bill Opticians. Bill Opticians is a family run chain of 6 independent practices found in the Devon and Exeter area. This forward thinking establishment already have a Medical Eye Centre in Exeter where eye surgeons, doctors, nurses and opticians all work together to ensure eye health and the best visual correction.

To welcome our new partners, Advanced Vision Care held a training seminar at the Medical Eye Centre for all the staff. This was the first step of the training of the refractive process and there was a fantastic turn out.

exeter seminar

Various topics were discussed in a range of lectures and interactive sessions. CET points were available for the Optometrists and dispensing Opticians to help them on their way for the first year of the 3 year cycle.

The foundations of the types of refractive surgery such as LASIK, LASEK, Implantable Contact Lenses, Lens Replacement and Cataract surgery were discussed. Advanced Vision Care also deals with the visual rehabilitation of keratoconic patients by offering collagen cross-linking, intra-stromal ring segments and implantable contact lenses (once the cornea is stable).

The evening was a great success and with positive feedback from the participants as well as from Advanced Vision Care’s staff. Months of work goes into the preparation of these events to make sure they are informative in an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere. Further training of the staff including the Optometrists is on-going to help them develop into refractive specialists.

Dr Pillai at the Exeter seminar

Bill Opticians recognises the need to provide care for every patient’s visual requirements and not restrict themselves to spectacle and contact lens solutions. Advanced Vision Care helps provide refractive solutions to patients without losing them. We arm our partners with the clinical skills to carry out the post-operative checks with the safety of knowing Advanced Vision Care is only a phone call or email away. The training provided as part of AVC’s optometrist network allows us to send practices our patients that want their post-operative care closer to home.

There is no financial contract, only a “gentlemen’s agreement” but you are paid for your clinical services and there is no upper limit to how much you can be paid. As you already know it’s a great way to boost your practice, so why not share this article with others. If you know a practice that would be interested in becoming an Optometrist partner, please contact our Business Development manager, Ryan on or call on 020 7935 7497.

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