Say it with Love, Say it with Laser Eye Surgery

Give the one you Love Perfect Vision this Valentine’s Day

Although it might not be the first present that springs to mind this Valentine’s Day, it is arguably the most caring. Giving someone an opportunity to experience the world free from visual aids is truly liberating, and many of our patients describe corrective laser eye surgery as a ‘life changing’ experience.

Even romantic weekends in Paris, or a dozen red roses, will find it hard to compete with being able to see properly without glasses.

Laser Eye Surgery – A Success and Safety Story

Laser eye surgery is quick, painless, and, when you are in the right hands, it is the safest surgery in the world. After its initial development, surgical techniques and technology have combined to make it safe and successful.

The success rate at Advanced Vision Care is exceptional. Our Harley Street clinic is a centre of excellence and renowned throughout the world. In both a recent Which? survey and independent audits our scores are exceptionally high. This is in no small way down to the fact Advanced Vision Care has the finest surgeons in the world, and it is a surgeon led clinic.

Non-Laser Eye Treatments

As well as comprehensive and effective laser eye surgery, we are also pioneers in non-laser eye surgery. This has enabled us to successfully treat patients who were deemed unsuitable for laser surgery at other clinics. So, even if the love of your life has been turned away for having a cornea which is too thin, or for having an astigmatism which is too extreme, the chances are we may well be able to treat them.

Making Laser Eye Surgery Affordable

Although we provide the best standard of eye surgery in the world, we are no by means unaffordable. As such we can offer interest free credit on eye surgery, regardless of the treatment needed. This can work out as little as £79 per month, per eye, and costs for some treatment can be spread over two years.

So why Choose AVC?

Our surgical team has 75 years combined experienced and has pioneered research and procedures which are now used the world over. They have carried out over 50,000 operations, and all of our patients no longer require glasses to drive a car. When it comes to your eyes, cheaper providers may offer inferior treatment and a greater risk of complications.

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift

By choosing us to enable your loved one to see, you will be putting them in the finest hands possible. Eye surgery, whether it involves implantable lenses or laser eye surgery, will give clearer vision and in all probability result in less dependence on visual aids such as spectacles and contact lenses.

So, give your loved one the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Give them the ability to live without glasses.

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