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I always wanted to do corrective eye surgery and be able to see my daughter’s cheeky smile in the morning, but I was delaying the decision for years.

I chose Advanced Vision Care as my optician recommended Mr Pillai. Pawel Marcinkowski, who dealt with my appointments and assisted during the surgery, was always friendly and highly professional. He and Mr Pillai answered my questions and concerns. I made a decision to go ahead with the surgery when I was told that if the eyesight does not improve after the surgery, the clinic will do a corrective surgery free of charge and continue providing aftercare. This was important for me as my eyesight was really bad (big minus and astigmatism on both eyes), therefore I needed this reassurance.

The surgery was quick and painless. I could see well almost immediately. After three months Mr Pillai advised me to have a corrective surgery as my eyesight was not settled. The corrective surgery was even quicker than the first one. I am very happy with the result and recommend AVC to everyone with bad eyesight. One of my friends had his surgery done at AVC after I told him about my experience. I know that if I have any concerns about my eyesight, I can always call Pawel for advice. But I am sure, I would not have any concerns 🙂 The happiest person is my daughter as now I can see her well without glasses.

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