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Why Testimonials are Important to AVC

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Patient testimonials and reviews are important at AVC so if you have had treatment make sure you share your experience with us and we will share it with the world; on our website and through the use of case studies.

AVC head and shoulders above the rest

This case study is of a man in his forties that had never been comfortable with contact lenses and found glasses a huge hindrance to his lifestyle. He had researched and attended various consultations at different eye clinics across the country until he attended a consultation at AVC. Once he experienced the level of professionalism and care that we showed, he decided to have LASEK treatment with AVC. He achieved better than 20/20 vision, he is ecstatic with the results and is back living his active lifestyle without the need of glasses.

Brilliant Service, Brilliant Result

I visited two clinics for an assessment, and AVC stood out head and shoulders above the other in terms of professionalism, the amount of time taken for the assessment and for the fact that I got to meet the surgeon who answered fully any questions and addressed any concerns I had. I had LASEK treatment 2 weeks ago and have just been given the all-clear to go back to doing sports etc. No problems at all along the way. Would highly recommend to anyone considering laser eye surgery to visit AVC for an assessment.
Robert Hellwig

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