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This is the best thing I have ever done
Victoria had laser eye surgery at AVC two months ago

Before laser eye surgery, Victoria’s prescription was -3 in both eyes and she was short-sighted. She used both glasses and contact lenses all the time but they gave her constant headaches.

Victoria has been wearing glasses and contact lenses since she was 13, but her prescription has been getting steadily worse and worse. Unfortunately, as her prescription fluctuated so much, she had to wait until it had stabilised before she could even consider vision correction of any kind.

At her initial appointment at AVC, she had her eyes thoroughly examined and was then talked through all of the vision correction treatments available to her. She decided that laser eye surgery was the best option for her.

On her surgery day, Victoria was kept fully informed about the procedure and someone sat by her side explaining to her each step of the process as her surgery progressed. Her mother informed us that she was afraid of eye clamps – but when she actually had surgery she soon realised that it was pain free and did not hurt at all.

To our pleasant surprise, after surgery, Victoria burst into tears because she was so happy with her vision.

She was extremely happy with the whole surgery process to say the least. Dr CT Pillai helped her to completely understand the laser eye surgery procedure, and she has also been constantly updated by him post surgery.

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