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I found the whole experience very good, having researched the options available and having seen 2 other clinics, it was Mr Pillai’s reputation that was the deciding factor. He’s got a very authoritative and reassuring manner and is obviously at the top of his field in laser eye surgery. I, along with countless others, have I’m sure considered the laser eye surgery however I have always been sceptical about it as I have a friend who is an optician and has made me aware that these types of procedures don’t always work out as hoped.

I found the whole experience very comfortable, the staff were very knowledgeable, the initial eye test consultation was thorough and I was happy there was a fee involved. This gave the impression that it was not a ‘get rich quick scheme’, whereby they just load it into your overall treatment charge. Regarding the actual procedure, I was pleasantly surprised at how painless it all was. I genuinely think going to the dentist is more uncomfortable. I was given a ‘magic Valium tablet’ and my wife accompanied me to the treatment room. The whole procedure probably took about 30 minutes in total and apart from a little discomfort when the eye clamps were put on, it’s nothing really. Being talked through every stage by Mr Pillai helped a lot too. Obviously as a result of the procedure that you go for I have to admit for me it has been far better than anticipated.

Wearing glasses full time had started to become a bit of a burden in my life. I was at a computer all day and it had just stretched for just computer work, to all day usage. The deciding factor for me was when my glasses became the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I took off at night. I’ve been for 2 eye tests, up to now and have been amazed by the results. I don’t even have to wear glasses during the day although this may change as I get older. I can only speak from personal experience, but for me it has genuinely been life changing. I still at times push the glasses up the bridge of my nose and overall it’s just made my life a lot easier. If you’re considering having it done, I don’t think you will find better than Mr Pillai.

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