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The Whole team at AVC have been absolutely fantastic

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AVC was recommended to me by my optician at Harbords in Winterbourne. They would only refer people to AVC due to their High level of competence. I had a very detailed analysis done (2+hours) with the result that I needed special lenses to be used & a very special surgeon to do the operations due to the condition of my eyes.

The operations were done on the 26th and 27th September and the results are absolutely staggering. I now have perfect vision and only require reading glasses for close up work. I cannot come to terms with the amazing vision I now have.

The whole team at AVC have been absolutely fantastic and I would advise anyone I know who would need a cataracts operation to come to AVC to have a transformation carried out. 

Cataract Operation with Toric Monofocal IOL implants, September 2019


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