Sam’s Laser Eye Surgery Proved ‘Wicked’

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If you’re used to seeing young actor Sam Lupton sporting a pair of glasses then you may do a double take next time you catch a glimpse of him on stage or on your TV screen. That’s because the popular up and coming thespian has become the latest to join the long list of celebrities who have chosen to undergo laser eye surgery here at our Advanced Vision Care Harley Street clinic, we’re very happy to report.

AVC celebrity client list grows

Other actors who have made use of our specialist eye care services include TV personality Matt Willis, an acting trio from the cast of popular TV medical drama Holby City (Harry Dhillon, Amanda Mealing and Jaye Jacobs) and everyone’s favourite ‘Bisto mum’ Linda Bellingham. But it’s not only the acting profession who have passed over our Harley Street threshold. Sugababes singer Amelle Berrabah now also has excellent vision as has Harlequins Director of Rugby Conor O’Shea.

But back to Sam: the actor is currently having a successful run in the London west end musical Wicked. At the age of 24 he finally decided to ditch the glasses (he’d been wearing them since he was seven). After consultation, and agreement by Sam, it was decided that our advanced wavefront LASIK eye surgery would be the best option for him.

And the outcome of the surgery?

Well, we’d say it was a pretty ‘wicked’ result.

Certainly, Sam has reported that he is “delighted” with his new found clear vision, and which he would now describe as “excellent.” You’ll be able to see the results yourself if you happen to drop by his show which is on at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in the capital’s Wilton Road, where the actor, originally from the North East of England, is currently taking the part of Boq.

What is wavefront LASIK eye surgery?

LASIK (Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) is the type of eye surgery most likely to be used for the majority of the population.That’s because it tends to bring the most success.

And the results speak for themselves really. All of our patients here at AVC Advanced Vision Care can drive after receiving the surgery and an impressive 95 per cent of them are recorded as having 20/20 vision following their treatment.

Other benefits of LASIK eye surgery

LASIK causes less discomfort post-surgery than other forms of laser eye treatment solutions. It also has a very impressive recovery time (the fastest of any form of laser eye surgery, in fact).

Who can benefit from LASIK eye surgery?

The surgery isn’t restricted to one form of sight loss but can be used for individuals who have short sight, are long sighted or who have an astigmatism.

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