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From the first visit to Advanced Vision Care in Harley Street, I couldn’t have had better advice or care. I could have had the laser treatment but it would have meant me still having to use reading glasses, so I was thrilled when AVC said I would be suitable for Multifocal Clear Lens Exchange.

Dr. Goran Helgason and his team of nurses and staff were excellent on the days of my surgery. The procedure itself took a matter of 25 minutes, each, eye, on separate following days and I suffered no pain or discomfort at all during or after treatment.

With in a few days, my distance vision had settles down and is great now. The close vision has taken a little longer to settle but I was informed this would be the case. It is just a matter of being patient.

Any concerns or worries I had Pawel answered or sorted without any hesitation. He has been welcoming, caring and professional throughout my treatment, and it is good to know he is there to put your mind at rest.

It is a fantastic feeling to wake in the morning and see clearly, without having to put contact lenses in or reach for glasses and I would thoroughly recommend anyone suitable to go ahead with this procedure and change their life as I have.

My only wish is that I had known about this procedure years ago, it is truly amazing.


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