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60 year old Mel has been wearing contact lenses for a lengthy 34 years. While they worked, they were fine but Mel ‘started to have problems’ with his eyes. He believes his lenses ‘were starting to reject my eyes’. Moreover, he has recently started suffering from minor infections and irritations.

[So] ‘it was time to do something about it’.

Mel’s right eye had a prescription of +4.5 with a slight astigmatism but his left eye was -1.75 and short-sighted. So glasses were out – his optician recommended AVC.

Below you can watch Mel’s review of his Bilateral Refractive Lens Exchange (also known as Lens Replacement or CLE) with Trifocal IOLs at Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street in London.

Why Choose AVC?

Following the recommendation and after some through research, Mel decided to come in for a consultation.

How was Surgery?

Mel was naturally nervous but his real concern was: what would his eyesight be like after the operation?

[The surgery was] ‘over in about 10 minutes and no pain’.

How as the Aftercare?

‘Brilliant… I’ve always had great service.’

How is Your Vision Now?

“My Vision is AMAZING!!

My left eye is perfect and my right eye is almost perfect… so I’m very happy.”

Would you recommend AVC?


[Mel’s friends are] ‘really jealous that I can read so well’.

‘Got for it… you won’t regret it’.

Watch Mel’s RLE Review

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