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Lynn reviews her Refractive Lens Exchange/Lens Replacement treatment with Professor Martin Filipec at Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street.

She has always wanted vision correction treatment and, following her optometrist’s advice and the fact that she was not suitable for LASIK laser eye surgery, Lynn decided to undergo Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) as this was the treatment that was best suited to her prescription.

“I waited a really, really long time… as my vision had regressed. Having to wear spectacles all the time and having small children is a bother. Not being able to do things like go swimming… having to pay for prescription goggles, sunglasses and spectacles does add up.

So, in the long term, you gain not just from a financial point of view but from a self-esteem point of view… I’ll even be giving [make-up] a try [for the first time]!”

Lynn found the consultation process ‘really easy’. Liam, one of our experienced patient advisors, guided her through the entire process and what to expect.

On the day of treatment, Lynn was understandably anxious. But she needn’t have worried as she soon felt at ease and everything went according to plan.

[The surgery itself was] “a lot easier than expected” [as she was] “fully prepared for what was about to happen” [and it turned out to be the] “easiest 15 minute surgery ever!!”.

The results?

Her eyesight is “better now than when I was wearing spectacles”, especially her peripheral vision.

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