Priyal Thakrar chose Dr Pillai for LASIK eye surgery after worldwide research

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Priyal Thakrar reviews his Advanced Wavefront and Intralase LASIK eye surgery at AVC – the world renowned eye clinic on Harley Street in London.

He initially thought that idea of laser eye surgery was daunting, as he only wanted it done once in his lifetime and he wanted to choose the best clinic to carry out the surgery. He did a lot of research on clinics providing laser eye surgery, not only in UK but also worldwide.

So, how did he end up at AVC?

It was via a simple recommendation from his optician that he found out that Dr CT Pillai was one of the pioneers of Laser Eye Surgery and is known the world over for his leading edge skills and technology. Priyal decided to have his initial consultation with Dr Pillai, where he provided Priyal with all the information required to make his decision, and did not force him into having surgery. Priyal had plenty of time to think about his options and to make up his mind on whether or not to have LASIK surgery.

He also points out how Dr CT Pillai is at the head of the field of Ophthalmology and has years of experience in laser eye surgery and how he gave him the confidence to get LASIK eye surgery done and his recommendations to others.

Priyal also points out the merits of the first class service he received at AVC. Apart from advanced LASIK treatment, the key point he highlights is the excellent aftercare he received at AVC and how helpful all the staff are, which made him choose Dr Pillai for LASIK eye surgery after his worldwide research.

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