Pauline Lamont – Lens Replacement Multifocal

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Having any sort of eye treatment is a very big decision to make, sight is a wonderful and very important gift! It took me a couple of years to finally decide to take the first step and AVC made everything else relatively easy! Throughout the whole process I was kept fully informed of what was happening and what options were open to me! The staff were friendly, helpful and most of all very competent. Once I had made the decision to have Lens Replacement I became quite excited! The thought of being able to wake through the night and be able to see clearly! The thought of not having to get up every morning and put in my contact lens, having to remove them every night! I was aware that I was actually starting to damage my eyes with the over use of contact lenses but the thought of having to wear glasses al the time horrified me! This was my best option and I was very excited about it.

None of that detracted from the nervousness though! Even if you are sure it is the best option it is still a scary decision to make! Again AVC helped me through this! The whole process and procedure was explained fully and again their excellent staff made the procedure – if not enjoyable – very bearable. In particular Pawel helped me cope – On the day of the first operation I was extremely nervous and he was aware of that! His attentive and kind manner helped calm me! He has excellent customer service skills and comes across as a genuinely lovely person – just what you need in times of concern! With his help and assurance I got through the first operation successfully and realised it was not a horrific procedure at all, actually reasonably painless and quick one and with excellent results – I was much more relaxed the next day.

Thanks to Pawel and all the AVC staff I can now wake up in the small hours of the morning and tend to my two lovely grandchildren – a very precious gift!

Thanks so much AVC

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