One week On and I am absolutely delighted that I have had this op | Advanced Vision Care

One week On and I am absolutely delighted that I have had this op

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From the time I phoned AVC to discuss treatment I have had the best experience of all optical services I have ever used. I spoke initially to Prasheen who talked me through what my options might be. Prasheen was very easy to talk to and gave me hope that I might one day have treatment if when I was ready. That was in may of this year I knew my prescription was quite complicated and that any treatment I had would be expensive. I wondered on this for two months and then phoned Prasheen again to say I was ready to start the process. I then attended the clinic where Gayathri did various tests on my eyes, again making me feel very much at ease and in a reassuring way. She made me feel that I really was brave enough to do this (i’m very squeamish RE eyes). An appointment was made for me to have clear lens exchange with IOL implants. On the day Haydee looked after me so well chatting and by this keeping me calm. Ana-Liza looked after me once the op was over, again in a caring manner. Prof Filipec made me feel that I was in completely safe hands (and I was). He was cheery, confident & of so exceptionally kind kind towards me. I was so glad that he was the person who was going to be working on my eyes. After each eye was completed, I went to see Mr Pillai again a Lovely man who was kind towards me & gave me much confidence. One week on I am absolutely delighted that I have had this op-I’ve been raving about it to anyone who has wondered why I’ve stopped wearing my glasses. Would recommend AVC 100%. Thank you so much.

Dianne Penny, underwent Clear Lens Replacement  August 2019 

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