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“Once both eyes were treated my sight was better than ever” – Lens Replacement Review

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I am so pleased with the results of my procedure already! Just over a week ago I had the trifocal IOLs in both eyes. The team at AVC had explained everything clearly to me and I read all the literature. However, when it came to signing the consent form (which I had left until the morning of my first procedure), I did suddenly feel very nervous. It did feel like a real risk. In the clinic everyone was very friendly and professional and I soon felt at ease. I opted to have a light sedative and I distracted myself by chatting to anyone that would listen. The procedure is painless. I experienced no discomfort whatsoever and didn’t even need to take painkillers at all. I was able to see immediately and the quality of my vision was greatly improved by mid-afternoon. Once both eyes were treated my sight was better than ever.

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