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With our world class, highly experienced surgeons and cutting edge technology coupled with a track record that is second-to-one, many people choose AVC for their vision correction treatment.

Here are just a few things that some of them have to say about their experience:

I am a logical thinker and did a lot of research before committing to LASIK and at AVC they had the best expertise and equipment in the UK. The consultation reinforced my decision, the surgery went well and now I feel free having 20/20 vision.
Laurence Moran

Melvin can’t believe the AMAZING results after having multifocal IOL lens replacement in both of his eyes:

Amazing results!!

I was advised by my Optometrist to visit AVC and in April 2017 I had my first appointment. Within a couple of weeks I had multifocal IOL lens replacement in both eyes and the results have been amazing. I was far sighted in one eye and short sighted in the other. Not only do I have fantastic sight at all distances, I no longer have to wear any contact lenses or reading glasses. My friends are jealous. The service I received was first class, with every visit I encountered a pleasure. If you are thinking of having it done, don’t wait…
Melvin Hayward

BL is more than happy with his new vision:

My vision 6 weeks after the procedure is pretty amazing, day or night.

Susan was particularly impressed with AVC’s professionalism:

From the moment my optician referred me to AVC I felt really looked after.

The initial consultation was excellent – all of my questions and concerns were addressed clearly and professionally, risks were discussed and on the off chance they happened I was reassured by clear actions and solutions to address these.

I went ahead with lens replacement in both eyes with absolute confidence in the AVC team.

On the days of the operations the nurses in particular were very caring and conscious of my nervous state.

The procedure was honestly less traumatic than a visit to the dentist! Some discomfort when the anaesthetic was given but otherwise no pain at all. A 10 minute psychedelic light show and it was over. I was amazed how quickly I could see again and once everything had worn off, I had excellent distance and short vision. The middle distance took a few days to settle but now I have fantastic vision and I couldn’t be happier!

Susan Robson

Finally, AM is delighted with her better than 20:20 vision:

From my consultation right through to my follow up appointments post-surgery, AVC were absolutely incredible. The staff were all friendly and informative and no question I asked was too much trouble.

I was most afraid of being in pain during the procedure but I was constantly reassured by staff and Dr CT Pillai that the procedure would be quick and painless, at most, slightly uncomfortable and they were right!

I was in and out of surgery in no more than 20 minutes! And a lot of that time was spent getting gowned and comfortable under the machines! Dr Pillai kept me fully informed throughout the entire process on what was going on and what was going to happen next which I found very reassuring.

From the moment I stepped foot outside the room I could see better than I ever have in years! And 5 months later my vision is incredible, at last check, better than 20:20!

If you are considering laser eye surgery don’t hesitate! Best decision of my life! I can see!

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