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More Refractive Lens Exchange Reviews

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At Advanced Vision Care, our world renowned, elite eye surgeons coupled with the very latest, cutting edge laser technology makes our eye clinic THE leading clinic in Europe.

And this is reflected in our incredible results and a track record that is second-to-one.

Unsurprisingly, many people choose AVC for their refractive lens exchange treatment (also know as clear lens exchange – CLE).

Here are just a few things that some of them have to say about their experience with AVC:

“I experienced exceptional care and Treatment from the consultation process through to surgery aftercare. Surgery was painless and only took 15 minutes per eye.

Whilst waiting for my operation the nursing staff were very caring and attentive, this helped reduce my anxieties.
My operation was very successful and exceeded my expectations.

Thank you AVC, you have added value and quality to my everyday living.”
June, Treatment in September 2017

Despite her understandable apprehension when it came to eye surgery, Mary soon discovered that there was nothing really to be scared of:

“Despite my misgivings prior to procedure there really was nothing to be concerned about. One comment perhaps you can address in your telephone system, hanging on hearing the same message innumerable times is not good for the blood pressure!!”
Mary, Treatment in August 2017

Zenaida’s treatment was, as she was informed at her consultation, pain-free and a complete success:

“I had CLE it was painless with no discomfort. The treatment was a success, thank you to my surgeon Dr. Goran, Mr Pillai and the staff and nurses at AVC.”
Zenaida, Treatment in June 2017

David would recommend Advanced Vision Care all the way:

“A pleasant and profession experience from start to finish. Top staff, would recommend AVC.”
David, Treatment in July 2017

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If you would like to find out more about refractive lens exchange at Advanced Vision Care and how it can transform your eyesight, then why not call AVC TODAY on 0800 652 4878 and request your free information pack or book your consultation to find out how we can help you.

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