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Maureen: Cataract Surgery with Multi-Focal Lenses

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Maureen had cataract surgery with Multi-focal lenses at Advanced Vision Care.

She describes her vision correction journey in detail. Her ultimate aim was to get clear vision.

Maureen had become weary of using vision aides such as prescription glasses on a day to day basis. She initially went to the NHS for cataract removal surgery, though she did not go through with it as they would only provide mono-focal lenses for any cataract treatment.

She states that, what with her eyesight being so precious, she wanted expert advice for choosing the best lenses suited to her needs.

She completed various tests after which it was determined by Dr CT Pillai that multi-focal lenses were best suited to her eyes. She opted for private cataract surgery at AVC as we provided multi-focal lenses which can cure near, distant and astigmatism and were custom built for her eyes.

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