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My optician referred me to AVC and I’m delighted that he did. Years for short sightedness followed by changes to my close-up/reading vision meant I was exploring possible options. The article “Treating vision problems may save you from Alzheimer’s” (from “100 Simple Things you can do to Prevent Alzheimer’s and Age Related Memory Loss” by Jean Carper) encouraged me further.

The procedure was explained and performed very professionally. A few post-op tips – I adapted the night shields using shirring elastic, as I found the tape a ‘faff’ to put on and take off. I used a Sharpie pen to write R (right) and L (left) on the bottoms of the eye drop bottles. Only small hints but they helped me.

I returned to work 3 days post CLE treatment to both eyes. I did suffer eye strain and in hindsight I wish I’d taken a full weeks annual leave as I’m sure this would have been more realistic (I use computers at work). For me the AVC treatment has been 100% the best decision and I’m thrilled with my new eyes!!

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