Lin Lawrence explains how her vision got better after cataract surgery with Lens Replacement & multi-focal lenses

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Lin Lawrence had cataract treatment in both her eyes with Lens Replacement and multi-focal lenses implanted at Advanced Vision Care – the world class eye clinic on Harley Street, London.

Before coming to AVC, she had a private consultation with another surgeon who suggested that they would only implant with monofocal lenses. She was not satisfied with this recommendation, so Lin decided to seek further advice on what other options were available for private cataract surgery.

Lin felt that multi-focal lenses would better suit her as they can cure near, long and astigmatic vision.

AVC was recommended to her by one of her colleagues who had been to Advanced Vision Care and had had multi-focal lenses implanted. Lin booked her initial consultation at AVC, where a variety of tests were conducted to determine her suitability and she was very impressed with the thoroughness of the tests. She went ahead with the surgery and there were no problems at all – in fact, the surgery did not hurt at all.

Now Lin has her eyes implanted with multi-focal lenses.

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