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Lesley Critelli – Lens Replacement Monofocal IOL

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I have been blighted with poor eyesight since birth, like many people in the same situation I have been through glasses, gas permeable contacts and finally a combination of soft contacts and glasses.

It took me many meetings with a number if companies before summoning the courage and settling on having a procedure. It was essential that I was happy with both the procedure and the staff performing the operation.

I am employed as a train driver and it is vital that my eyesight is not placed in jeopardy in any way.

After meetings with staff at AVC I was reassured that the package was what I was looking for. I felt confident that they understood my needs and concerns.

Due to my prescription I was used to dealing with wearing mono-vision lenses and varifocal glasses. Because of my occupation it was evident that I required a mono-vision solution. Owing to a pronounced astigmatism in both eyes, I could not benefit from laser surgery. I had been finding it increasingly difficult to source contact lenses at my high prescription level, an alternative solution was required.

After a lengthy conversation, a mono-vision lens implant procedure was suggested, giving me a permanent solution, with the added bonus of never suffering from cataracts. Following meetings with my employers and staff at AVC, it was agreed that the procedure could and would take place.

On 30th January 2014 I had the lens replaced in my right eyes, this is my distance eye and the results were spectacular. Instantly I was able to see with one eye, better than if I had been wearing two contacts. For the first time in my life, I could see unaided. (J)

My second operation was just under a week later, providing my left eye with the same gift. This time for my close sight, reading…etc… I have a course of drops for both eyes which will assist my eyes in this transitional period, this course lasts for moth, and compared to lenses or guessing which is the shampoo or conditioner in the shower is a small price to pay.

I would not hesitate to recommended AVC and its very professional and caring staff for anyone looking to have this or similar procedure. I found that having Pawel Marcinkowski leading me through the process, gave me continuity and a contact should I have any doubts or queries. What, potentially could have been a traumatic process, was dealt with in a highly efficient, and professional way.

My whole experience was calm, pain free with no scares or trauma.

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