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“It’s life changing. Unbeleivable surgery. You can have fantastic vision for the rest of your life.

Watch David’s review of his Lens Replacement Surgery with Trifocal IOLs on both of his eyes at Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street in London.

Although David’s vision was “not terrible”, he has lived for a long time alternating between wearing contact lenses and glasses. He is also an active sportsman so he had to wear contact lenses every time he played or watched his favourite sports. He would wear glasses to watch TV.

“It was very annoying as my eyes aren’t that bad. But everything appeared to be out of focus and far away.”

Worse, David couldn’t bear the discomfort and dryness of wearing his contact lenses any more. So much so, that he wouldn’t wear lenses when he should have. As you can imagine, he had really had enough.

“Most of my life, I walked around with not fantastic vision.”

Why Did He Choose AVC?

David came to Advanced Vision Care by a very common route. His old school friend, who happens to also be an optician, recommended our eye clinic – he said, in his words, that we are:

‘the best’.

David’s experience?

“Lovely. Very, very nice people.”

David found AVC to be ‘very informative’ and ‘very thorough’, completing all the eye tests you would want and need. David was ‘very confident’ that the surgery was ‘going to be done properly’.

Understandably, when the day of surgery arrived, David was incredibly nervous. For him, anything to do with your eyes is strange. But the lens replacement procedure was not ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘doesn’t hurt’. It was surprisingly ‘quick’ and the results were ‘pretty good’ even after the first hour.

How About the Aftercare?

“Very thorough. They won’t let you miss anything and they check everything. I have had no issues whatsoever.”

David’s Results?


I can read the furthest away signs that other people can’t read. I can read books very close up. I can play football without lenses…

I am 20 / 20 plus 20%!”

David’s Recommendation?

Well… the surgery has been totally ‘life-changing’.

David would ‘absolutely recommend” Advanced Vision Care. In fact, he’s already referred a few people for a consultation.

Watch David’s Lens Replacement Surgery Review

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