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“I had worn glasses since I was about 8 and over a period of years I’ve gone from glasses to contact lenses. The lenses were drying up… total frustration. I wondered whether I would be able to have… lens replacement. And at AVC there didn’t seem to be a problem.”

Watch Michael’s review of his Lens Replacement Surgery with Trifocal IOLs on both eyes at Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street in London.

To be honest, Mike’s eyes had been deteriorating over time to the point where his prescription was approximately +8.5 in his right eye and +9.5 in his left eye. So he finally decided to look into what vision correction treatments were available to him.

Mike opted for AVC following some extensive personal research and a recommendation from his optician who’s wife had recently undergone vision correction with AVC.

His Consultation?

“Nothing like I expected… it was just like sitting in my own lounge!”

Understandably, Mike was more than a little nervous on the day of surgery but ‘I can’t see any reason why I should’ve been in the end’ as the procedure turned out to be simple and straightforward and Mike felt ‘so relaxed’.

Better still, the aftercare was ‘very good’ and ‘so easy’.

Mike’s Results?

Mike is now enjoying life to the full without his dreaded glasses or contact lenses:

“It’s unbelievable. I still wake up in the morning thinking I need to put my glasses on… but I don’t need them at all.”

Mike’s Recommendation?

“If you are thinking about it at all, I would recommend having a consultation”

Watch Mike’s Lens Replacement Surgery Review

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