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“Just do it! It’s worth the money. Before you know it, you are glasses-free.”

For Theatre Manager Paul, life was all about wearing glasses. They were a constant necessity, whether he was:

‘driving, working… everything. I needed them all the time’.

Those vision accessories had really become a burden, to say the least.

So he decided to changes things for the better and began looking into the range of vision correction treatment options available to him.

Paul conducted a lot of in-depth research both online and in person, visiting numerous eye clinics. Several consultations later and Paul picked AVC because:

“this one was going to take the best care”.

Below you can watch Paul’s review of his LASIK Laser Eye Surgery on both of his eyes at Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street in London.

How was Paul’s consultation?

“Thorough. It lasted a lot longer than I thought it was going to.”

Well, Paul’s laser eye surgery consultation far exceeded his expectations. Following AVC’s comprehensive suite of eye tests, Paul was reassured that he had chosen well. He was particularly impressed by the care taken by our medical experts to fully understand his vision.

[Paul felt] ‘cared for’ [and] ‘comfortable’. [The whole process was] ‘easy’.

How was the Surgery?

To put it bluntly, Paul was ‘terrified’. He needn’t have been.

As he says so himself, his surgery was ‘so quick’ and ‘so painless’.

“I think I was sat drinking a cup of coffee longer than the actual surgery took. It was just a breeze”.

Pauls’s Results?

A year after surgery and Paul’s vision is ‘perfect’; in fact ‘better than 20 / 20′ vision!’.

He’s experienced no problems whatsoever with his eyesight following surgery – just enjoying life glasses-free for the first time in years.

“It’s just a dream… perfect!”.

Paul’s life has been transformed:

  1. The freedom of NOT having to wear glasses for anything and everything and now having ‘great vision’
  2. No more glasses sliding down your face constantly
  3. No more trying to swim ‘completely blind’
  4. Being able to ‘wake up and be able to see everything’

Paul’s Recommendation?

Simple really …

“Just do it! It’s worth the money. Before you know it, you are glasses-free.”

He would ‘definitely recommend AVC’.

Watch Paul’s Laser Eye Surgery Review

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