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“I found [AVC] fantastic. And after putting my sister and other members of staff through the clinic, we soon realised that the best people to partner with in terms of laser eye surgery was Advanced Vision Care.”

David is Managing Director of the Eyesite Group, an independent optical group with branches across the South of England. David has been working with AVC for over a decade.

In addition, Eyesite regularly send their staff to AVC’s training days so that they can better understand how laser eye surgery works and its benefits so that they can, in turn, talk confidently to their patients about the procedure.

Furthermore, AVC trains their staff on how to carry out aftercare post-surgery and how to assess people for their suitability for various vision correction treatments. Some staff members have even been seconded to work with Dr Pillai so that ‘they can really get under the skin’ of what happens at AVC, and so help Eyesite with what they can offer patients’.

Why Refer Patients to AVC?

Eyesite believe that patients should receive the very best eyecare for them. And if someone wants to have laser eye surgery, then that is something all opticians should offer.

The referral process is simple, allowing Eyesite to communicate continously with AVC so that they can assess the benefits to their patients of the treatment they are about to have so that they can answer any questions or concerns they might have. Then Eyesite look after them after their surgery has been completed.

Patients know in advance that AVC remunerate Eyesight for any referral made by them so everything is transparent from the outset.

“When we refer patients to AVC, we know they will be treated fantastically well.”

What do your patients think of AVC?


They send people to AVC for all sorts of treatment from LASIK and LASEK eye surgery to Refractive Lens Exchange. Indeed, a recent patient needed

Piggyback Intraocular Lens Exchange and AVC:

‘really sorted him out fantastically well – so that was superb’.

David also referred his own sister for treatment who is delighted with her results.

Just today, David’s cousin wanted laser eye surgery ‘since she was 12 years old’ and has just had her -7 prescription corrected again at AVC.

“She is absolutely overjoyed with the treatment and her newfound eyesight.

David’s recommendation?

David would definitely recommend to any optician to:

‘go and talk to Advanced Vision Care to see what they’ve got to offer you’.

If you are an optician and are interested in partnering with AVC then please:

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