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Robert suffers from Keratoconus in both eyes; it is more severe in his right eye. In fact, his vision was -17 and -11.

Keratoconus is a progressive degenerative disease that causes the cornea to lose stability leading to thinning and bulging into a cone shape consequently weakening the integrity of the cornea. Keratoconus affects one in every 2000 people and the severity varies between individuals.

For Robert, Keratoconus meant that he suffered from ‘blurred vision’ and ‘defracted vision’, especially with his right eye. He had to wear contact lenses as a prescription for his disease.

His vision was always ‘very bad’ without glasses or contact lenses. So much so, that Robert has been forced to wear glasses and contact lenses since 1976!

[Glasses became] ‘very difficult for me’ [ – they were ] ‘very clumsy’ [and] ‘very restrictive’. [They soon became his] ‘last resort’.

Contact lenses did help but also had their restrictions and limitations. Moreover, as Robert got older his eyes became ‘more dry’ and ‘more of an irritation’ due to his Keratoconus.

Add to this his very active lifestyle – Robert is a keen climber and diver – and he can’t take part in these as fully as he’d like to with glasses.

“I need something other than glasses.”

Watch Robert’s review of his Keratoconus Treatment at Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street in London which was a 2-step process:

Why Choose AVC?

Care home owners Robert and his wife found AVC via a recommendation from Robert’s optician. The consultation ‘went well’ with Robert’s eyes fully scanned and tested. The results of this thorough eye examination confirmed that he could proceed with Clear Lens Exchange as he had hoped.

The aim:

“my vision would potentially be as good as my vision with contact lenses’.”

How was Robert’s Surgery?

As he is used to eye issues, Robert was ‘not worried at all’ at the thought of an operation on his eyes. And ‘there was no need to’.

The treatment was very ‘organised’, ‘professional’ and ‘quick’. Robert ‘felt nothing’; the process was not ‘stressful’ in any way. Each operation took just 15 minutes per eye.

‘The operations are nothing to be scared of.’

Robert’s Results?

Robert’s vision is now like it was when he wore contact lenses. But there are many more benefits than that which ‘you tend to forget’ like the hassle that goes with contact lenses.

His eyesight has progressively improved since treatment but, due to his Keratoconus, he does have to wear reading glasses.

Robert’s recommendation?

“I knew that wearing lenses was something I didn’t want to do any more. I have been waiting for something to correct my vision… So I jumped at the chance.”

‘I would definitely recommend the treatment to anybody if they don’t want to wear glasses or lenses.”

He would ‘definitely recommend AVC’. In fact, he recommended AVC to his wife, Kathleen, who decided to have Lens Replacement with Trifocal Lenses in both eyes as well!

She has worn glasses since she was just 2 years old and became ‘dependent’ on them. In fact, she was known as ‘the girl that wore glasses’. However, she never sought treatment before as she has always been ‘squeamish’ about her eyes and wasn’t suitable for laser eye surgery.

When she saw ‘how simple’ Robert’s treatment was, Kathleen instantly thought ‘yep, I want to go for that as well’. She was ‘really impressed’ with the scans and checks she underwent prior to treatment.

Kathleen can now ‘see better than I could when I was wearing glasses’.

Watch Robert’s & Kathleen’s Keratoconus Treatment Review with CLE

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