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Karim Rahemtulla – Lens Replacement Multifocal IOL

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Life Changing

My wife and I are both 47 and live in Dubai. We are both short sighted and my wife is highly myopic compared to me. We found reading was becoming difficult and we would eventually have to opt for separate reading glasses or varifocal glasses. After months of research on various websites on the options available to us coupled with the independent reviews of clinics, surgeons and from patients we shortlisted two highly specialised clinics for an initial consultation in London. The initial consultation at Advanced Vision Care (AVC) with Mr. Pillai and his entire team was just remarkable. They were very professional, highly detailed and thorough with all their tests giving us great confidence in their ability to deliver which is why we opted to have our Multifocal Lens Replacement procedure with AVC. The second consultation even though it was a well-known hospital in the UK for eye related procedures, we unfortunately did not find the consultation very detailed or thorough enough for us, hence we did not opt for them. AVC was very forthcoming with regards to dates and times for all the pre-operative check-ups and also we felt that even though this is a private clinic their fundamental care and motto is based on what is best for each individual’s eyes. We were advised that Dr. Goran Helgason would conduct the actual surgeries. Upon reading his CV it was quite evident that he is highly skilful and experienced to conduct Lens Replacement surgeries. Dr. Goran Helgason and his team were excellent on the days of our surgery. The actual procedure took around 15 minutes, each eye on separate following days and it was painless with no discomfort during or after treatment. Dr. Helgason was very gentle. After a couple of days we both had clear distant vision and good reading vision which was amazing for both of us and AVC definitely surpassed our expectations. We would also like to comment the post-operative care from AVC is excellent and they have stuck by their promise. We would thoroughly recommend anyone suitable to go ahead with this procedure and change their life as we have. We would like to say a big thank you to Mr. Pillai, Dr. Goran, Pawel, Po, Sheena and the entire AVC team in ensuring our Lens Replacement procedure was a success.

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