Karim Matloub

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To say the least you could say my eyesight was dire with a prescription of -18 in my right eye and -12.75 in my left. I never thought surgery would be available for someone of my prescription and had long accepted a lifetime of glasses, contact lenses and contact lens solution.

This was until I met a former patient by chance who told me of AVC and the service they could provide. I have to when first hearing of such a treatment I was a bit sceptical the phrase “too good to be true” came to mind. However I decided to take a chance and exchange details with this former AVC patient.

I phoned the AVC clinic and booked a FREE consultation trying my best not to build my hopes up. When I first visited AVC I was firstly struck by the level of hospitality I received being nothing short of first class. I wasn’t just treated like a mere patient/customer; I was treated like a human being.

Both eyes were checked thoroughly before and treatment was recommended and it was clear that each member of staff knew what they were doing. In the end it was deemed possible for me to receive ICL surgery. The surgery itself was top class with the procedure being surprisingly quick. All throughout the surgery I was welcomed to a warm and caring atmosphere and I was left feeling utterly spoilt and satisfied with the service.

Finally I can say that I no longer have to depend on glasses or contact lenses with me currently having no prescription in my left eye and my right being significantly improved.

The service AVC has provided me has been nothing short of a miracle and I will be forever thankful for what they given me. I recommend that anyone not sure on whether to go through with eye surgery with AVC to do it, you won’t regret it!

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