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Karen Thomas

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My experience with Advanced Vision Care has been excellent. All the staff were very attentive and professional in their treatment of my case. Everything was explained to me thoroughly, so that I was completely aware of the entire procedure.

Nothing was pushed on me, and all my questions were thoughtfully answered. All of my eye examinations were very thorough, and both Pawel and Mr. Pillai made me feel very confident and at ease in their care. I had been told previously that I wasn’t able to have laser eye treatment due to nystagma. However, Mr Pillai carried out tests on my condition, and re-assured me that if he covered one eye whilst treating the other one it would be fine. I felt confident that Mr. Pillai wouldn’t carry out the procedure unless he was 100% sure of its success, as he had told me of cases where he had to turn clients away because they weren’t suitable.

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