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My research for treatments to dispense with contact lenses and spectacles for distance and intermediate (computer) vision included consultations at three other clinics. One asked for a deposit for its full treatment prior to the initial consultation; its optometrist recommended LASIK and said I could only see the surgeon the day before the procedure and she, not he, would answer any of my questions. The second was helpful but no surgeon was present and the patient co-ordinator wasn’t able to answer my questions; it advised a particular make of lens to replace my natural lenses. At the third, very busy clinic, I didn’t have all the tests promised. The surgeon advised another make of replacement lens, but before I could finish asking questions he said my time was up and he had to see the next patient. I subsequently discovered each clinic had a financial interest in the treatment it recommended, by way of a contract with the manufacturer of the LASIK equipment or else the replacement lenses.

My experience at AVC couldn’t have been more different. I was given the full range of tests in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. The surgeon, Mr Pillai, explained the results, advised why LASIK was unsuitable for me, and discussed the advantages and disadvantages for my particular requirements of the different types of replacement lenses from different manufacturers, in none of which did AVC have a financial interest. AVC used specialist surgeons for lens replacement treatment. Subsequently I asked several detailed questions by email, all of which were answered promptly. I wasn’t sure which prescription of lens would be better for my less dominant eye, and so Mr Pillai bought two so that we could choose after I’d experienced the replacement lens in my dominant eye. The standard of patient care by surgeon, nurses, optometrists, and all the AVC staff for the procedures and afterwards was top class. The outcome has exceeded my expectations. My long distance vision now is excellent, not only in daytime but also in night time conditions with none of the side effects associated with other types of replacement lens. I can now read not only 8-point text on a computer screen for sustained periods (~2 hours) without any spectacles, but in good light I can also read 8-point on paper at a normal reading distance. I don’t give praise lightly, but I wholeheartedly recommend AVC to anyone wanting a personal, tailor-made service for improving his or her vision. And the bonus? AVC was less expensive than the others!

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