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Jocelyn – Overjoyed with Clear Lens Exchange

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Professional pianist and teacher Jocelyn Longworth is overjoyed with her Clear Lens Exchange treatment at AVC on Harley Street.

She was already very familiar with AVC and our world class surgeons and technology. Now that she has reached 70 years old, Jocelyn decided to return to AVC and booked a consultation with Dr Pillai. We recommended that she undergo Clear Lens Exchange (CLE) treatment to help her with her reading and piano-playing.

Jocelyn had no hesitation and went ahead with the treatment. In her left eye she had CLE as standard as this eye had never had any treatment before. In her right eye, she has a piggyback lens fitted to the front of her original lens from her previous CLE treatment in that eye.

“Now I have absolutely perfect vision… I’m so happy! I’m 70 years old… [so everyone should] do it now.”

As our dedicated team explained, she found the whole procedure carried out by our expert surgeon Dr Helgason, which took ‘about 3 minutes’, to be ‘really painless’.

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